Whelping Assistant Manikins (WAMS)

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

Many kittens and puppies are lost at each whelping, because the puppies/kittens airway is not clear. At this point the newborn animal will need to be assisted. The mortality rate for these animals can be reduced by proper training not only of the veterinarian, but also for the professional breeder who needs to prepare for the arrival of these precious animals. Both puppy and kitten WAMStm are available. Each have working lungs, realistic features, and umbilical cords for training.

Accessories included: 2 hand towels, 4 umbilical cords (with simulated blood), 1 bulb syringe, un-waxed dental floss, 1 syringe (pre-loaded with simulated mucous fluid). Comes with warranty and serial number card.


Medium: Mannekin Price: US$525.00 (Black Labrador "Duke" Item#250, Chocolate Labrador "Teddy" Item#251, Yellow Labrador "Vinnie" Item#252, Tabby Cat Black & White "Cleopatra" Item#253, Tabby Cat Orange & White "Petie" Item#254, Siamese Cat "Sophie" Item#255, White Cat "Luna" Item#256).

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