Wound Care / Bandaging Technique Trainer

Producer: 3B Scientific GmbH

This wound care trainer torso by 3B Scientific offers a number of opportunities for student practitioners to practise bandaging and wound care techniques. The trainer has 13 wound sites that can be discussed and cared for and the flexible skin offers a realistic training scenario.

The wound trainer model 1020592 / P100 offers wounds and drain systems which would be in place after surgery, including:

Wound after a thyroidectomy, center
Wound after a sternotomy (with drain), center
Wound after a mastectomy (with drain), right
Wound after a spleenectomy (with drain), left
Wound after a thoracotomy (pneumonectomy), right
Wound after a median laparotomy (e.g. cystectomy), center
Wound after an appendectomy, right
Wound after a Pfannenstiel incision (e.g. C-section or abdominal hysterectomy), center
Wound after a laminectomy, center; rear
Wound after a nephrectomy (side incision)
Wound after an amputation (leg stump), left
Decubitus bedsore (grade 2), center; rear

An ideal trainer for professional wound management classes as part of nursing and medical courses. The wound trainer comes with a bag included.

Price: £864.00 inc VAT £720.00 exc VAT (available through anatomystuff.co.uk)

Wound Care / Bandaging Technique Trainer Wound Care / Bandaging Technique Trainer