Baumans V. Alternatives to the use of laboratory animals in veterinary education. ALTEX. 2006;23(Special Issue):68-70


The use of animals in veterinary education is becoming a subject of a moral debate and is often opposed on educational and practical grounds.

However, the experienced discomfort of the animals in relation to the purpose of their use should play a major role in this debate. For example, the grade of discomfort will be different for animals used for practising handling skills or for surgical training. Many alternatives have been developed and are already in use in veterinary education. However, would it be feasible and desirable to replace all experimental animal use in veterinary education?
The debate on the use of animals in veterinary education should include the question who benefits:

- the animal patients.

- the animal owners.

- the veterinary students.

When the latter appears to be the case, students should at least have a mandatory training in ethical aspects of the use of experimental animals and in the application of the 3Rs.


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