Novosaduk T, Jukes N, Maroueva E. Curricular transformation at St Petersburg State Veterinary Academy [abstract]. ALTEX. 2011;28(Special Issue):216. Abstract 492.


Collaboration between InterNICHE and the Department of Pharmacology at St Petersburg State Veterinary Academy in Russia began in 2005 following alternatives promotion by InterNICHE at veterinary congresses and across Russia. Demonstration and loan of alternatives, along with presentations and meetings with Academy officials, teachers and students, led to great interest in humane teaching approaches. Economic considerations and a recognition of the importance of computer literacy also played a role in an openness to new and modern teaching methods. With support from the International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals (IAAPEA) a multimedia laboratory was established and InterNICHE provided computer software and a training mannekin. Further material to support successful implementation of the learning tools was produced by InterNICHE and the department, including a translated version of pharmacology software and a manual on its use. The annual use of over 1000 animals in the department was ended and a formal agreement was signed to confirm the transformation. Widespread media coverage across former Soviet countries demonstrated that change and innovation had brought major benefits to the educational process. Visits and donations to other departments, and a recognition of the benefits of humane education has now led to virtually the whole Academy abandoning animal experiments. A conflict between progress at the Academy and outdated demands for animal use from the Russian government’s Academic Methodology Unit is being addressed.


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