Lai F, Entin E, Dierks M, Raemer D, Simon R. Developing a simulation-based training program for medical first responders. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005; 111:280-3

PMID: 15718745


A major stumbling block for widespread incorporation of simulators into EMT training includes the limited availability of curricula infrastructure linking the key components of skills, scenarios, and measures as well as the expertise required to run such programs. To meet these needs we are developing a training program for first responders that uses mannequin-based simulator technology effectively to fill the identified training need for valid meaningful scenarios that can be integrated into the curriculum and are applicable for a variety of EMT skill levels. The program will provide detailed scenarios, instructions for administering the program, and measures for performance feedback. Each scenario will exercise a combination of task work and cognitive skills and the set of scenarios will span all of the higher-level skills that have been identified as benefiting from targeted training.