Gibbons P, Koziol J, Roof C, Chambers C, Awosile B, Dascanio J. Development and Validation of a Uterine Prolapse, Epidural, and Vaginal Suture Model. J Vet Med Educ. 2023


Uterine prolapses sporadically present to bovine practitioners. Exposing veterinary students to this is challenging due to the inability to replicate a live animal prolapses in a teaching environment. The objective of this study was to develop a model that represents each step of the process of correcting a uterine prolapse and to perform a validation study of the model and rubric used to score performance using a skill comparison between experienced veterinarians and novices (students). The model was designed and built, and 27 students and 18 bovine veterinarians were recruited to participate in the evaluation of this model. Each participant performed each step of the model while being video recorded. Following model use, all participants completed a survey on their prior experiences and opinions of the model. Videos were viewed, and performances scored by one author using a rubric. Opinions on the model were mostly favorable in regard to use and realistic experience. There was no significant difference between the scores of veterinarians and veterinary students. However, there was an association with an excellent level of global rating scores for veterinarians while the veterinary student participants were associated with borderline satisfactory to good competency levels except for the epidural. There was a statistically significant association between the global rating scores and the check list competency levels. The lack of significant difference may be attributed to students previous experiences Based on feedback from the survey responses, the model will be used in clinical skills labs to provide experience in this area.