Baran S, Johnson E, Stephens M, Kehler J. Development of electronic learning courses for surgical training of animal research personnel. Lab Anim (NY). 2009 Sep; 38(9):295-304

PMID: 19701180


The animal research community comprises members from a wide variety of backgrounds, some of whom must learn basic surgical skills. Though demand for animal research personnel who have surgical skills is increasing, surgical training opportunities are becoming more scarce. Electronic learning or e-learning platforms can be used as an adjunct to hands-on surgical training. Course developers can adapt these e-learning courses to fit the needs of participants who have varying levels of expertise. The authors outline the steps involved in developing an effective e-learning surgical course. They also describe how to use various equipment and software products to help implement e-learning courses. Though the authors focus on developing surgical courses, course developers could apply the general steps outlined by the authors when developing any e-learning course.

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