Velásquez J, da Silva LLC, Miglino MA. Development of an Online Distance Learning Platform Combining Anatomy, Imaging, and Surgical Practice to Support Mastery Learning of the Equine Locomotor Apparatus. J Vet Med Educ. 2022 May 18:e20220006

PMID: 35584235


There are many challenges in teaching veterinary anatomy, such as available classroom time, costs, and difficulties accessing animal cadavers, mainly due to animal welfare concerns. Furthermore, veterinary surgeons and radiologists complain that recent graduates lack anatomical knowledge. On the other hand, the current limitations of face-to-face teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic suggest that the development of online distance education tools is necessary, mainly in specialties that lack this type of material. Teaching platforms promoting the integration of anatomy with other applied disciplines such as imaging and surgery in the horse were not found in the consulted literature. Therefore, this work aimed to develop an online distance education platform for studying the surgical anatomy of a horse’s locomotor apparatus as a complementary tool for training students enrolled in undergraduate courses in veterinary surgery. The locomotor apparatus was chosen as the focus as it is the most commonly found in equine surgeries. Anatomical pieces referring to the locomotor apparatus were prepared. These were complemented with material related to diagnostic imaging, surgery videos, theoretical explanations, and an interactive radiological anatomy tool. Finally, all the material was uploaded to a virtual platform accessible via the Internet. The platform is expected to be a tool that helps students in surgical training and prepares them with a better understanding of anatomy and its application in surgery.