Patel J, Patel N, Patel M, Bharadia P, Patel H, Patel N. Development of Simulation Software for Experiments on the Perfused Frog’s Heart. Poster session presented at: Alternatives in the Mainstream: Innovations in Life Science Education and Training. 2nd InterNICHE Conference; 2005 May 12-15; Oslo, Norway


Computer software can effectively reduce animal use in education (1). To reduce animal use, especially that of frogs, and to enhance teaching quality, we have developed simulation software named ‘Virtual Kymograph Simulator’ for perfused frog’s heart experiments. For the development of the software, Visual Basic 6.0 was selected for the programming. The program simulates the effects of various drugs and ions on the preparation, simulating the scientifically perfect dose-dependent effects of various agonist and antagonist drugs used for perfused frog heart experiments. The student has to proceed step by step through various stages of the simulated frog heart experiment. The simulation also facilitates student self-assessment and includes many other useful features linked to the guidelines for pharmacology and pharmacy education in India. The various features of the software will be more useful than animal experiments in education not only for meeting teaching objectives but also for training the students at pre-clinical stages for more advanced work later. They will also appeal to the experts from within pharmacy education and increase the likelihood of application within teaching.

1. Nick Jukes, Mihnea Chiuia. From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse, Alternative methods for a progressive, humane education, 2nd Edition, InterNICHE, 2003.