Kovarik MC, Hancock TS. Effectiveness of a Student-Developed Instructional Video in Learning the Anatomy of the Equine Distal Limb. J Vet Med Educ. 2023;50(4):457-462


The anatomy of the equine distal limb (EDL) is both complex and important to veterinary clinical practice. First-year veterinary students (VM1s) often struggle to adequately understand it. Two third-year veterinary students collaborated with instructors to create an instructional video to facilitate first-year students’ comprehension of EDL anatomy. The video was offered to all VM1s. Learning outcomes were assessed via practical exams. Exam scores on EDL structures were compared between students who did (video) and students who did not (no video) watch the video. Students’ laboratory experiences and confidence were evaluated with a post-exam survey. The third-year students documented their experiences while producing the video. Eighty percent of VM1s viewed the video; 91% rated the video as very valuable. The video improved student confidence during the practical exam by 9%, and 89% of surveyed students indicated the video positively impacted their exam grade. One item score was significantly improved in the video group (p < .001), as was the score of the five questions combined (p < .001). As expected, overall practical exam scores were not statistically different. Student collaborators indicated that participation reinforced their knowledge while enhancing their professional development. Student collaboration was a beneficial strategy for instructional support development that positively impacted student affect and also generated opportunities for the involved students’ professional growth.