Martinsen S and Jukes N. Ethically sourced animal cadavers and tissue: considerations for education and training. AATEX 2008;14(Special Issue):265-268


This paper describes ‘ethically sourced’ animal cadavers and tissue, as defined by the InterNICHE Policy, and addresses the importance of using cadavers and tissue only from these sources when material is needed for the purpose of education and training. The attitudes developed by students and trainees using ethically sourced material and conventional sources are compared and discussed. Examples are given where the use of ethically sourced cadavers and tissue has been successfully implemented in practical classes for anatomy and surgery. Potential use for research and testing purposes is also briefly discussed. The paper outlines the potential practical problems of such cadaver use and offers examples of how they may be overcome. The impact on veterinary colleges and society of ‘client donation programs’ for sourcing animal cadavers is also addressed.

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Author's keywords: InterNICHE, alternatives, education, ethically sourced, cadaver

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