Mahdy MAA, Sayed RKA. Evaluation of the online learning of veterinary anatomy education during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Egypt: Students' perceptions. Anat Sci Educ. 2022 Jan;15(1):67-82

PMID: 34714602


The sudden shift of veterinary anatomy teaching from traditional to online mode during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid‐19) pandemic lockdown was a major challenge used for the first time in Egyptian veterinary medical schools. This study aimed to evaluate the students' perspectives regarding the shift of veterinary anatomy teaching to online mode during the lockdown in Egypt. A total of 502 students from all veterinary medical schools in Egypt (n = 17) answered the questionnaire. The results revealed that nearly two‐thirds of students felt enthusiastic about studying anatomy online during the pandemic. Moreover, approximately 63% of students were satisfied with the provided learning materials, 66% were able to understand anatomy using the online learning system during the lockdown period, 67% were comfortable with technological skills during their online study, and 47% believed that online learning of anatomy could replace face‐to‐face teaching. Therefore, despite the problems associated with the emergency switch to remote teaching, it appears to be a suitable alternative in teaching veterinary anatomy in Egyptian universities during this pandemic crisis in Egyptian universities. Moreover, the study provided several measurements to overcome the common problems associated with this challenging method for future application, such as providing three‐dimensional virtual tools and electronic devices with either free or low‐priced Internet packages, and measuring students' understanding before and after each lecture. This is the first study to solicit the early students' feedback regarding the emergency shift to online veterinary anatomy teaching which might help decision‐makers in Egypt for future implementation of online learning of veterinary anatomy.