Percic M, Jukes N, Maroueva E. Facilitating replacement through access to and training in alternatives. AATEX 2008;14(Special Issue):277-79


Access to alternatives plays a crucial role in familiarising teachers and trainers with the diversity and quality of tools available to support best practice education and professional development opportunities. InterNICHE maintains an Alternatives Loan System comprising software, videos, clinical skills training mannekins and surgical trainers; and organises seminars worldwide to provide demonstrations and expert training. Items are chosen for their pedagogical value and potential for replacement, and are available for free loan. Borrowers include teachers, students, ethics committees and campaigners in over 40 countries. Several ‘micro-Loan Systems’ focus on specific regions, such as Russia. The Loan Systems and seminars have facilitatedthe purchase and implementation of products, bringing direct replacement of harmful animal use. Examples of events and dedicated training seminars organised by InterNICHE between 2004 and 2007 include the training of over 400 teachers in 10 cities across India; the Multimedia Exhibition at the 5th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciencesin Germany; the 2nd InterNICHE Conference Alternatives in the Mainstream: Innovations in life science education and trainingin Norway; widespread outreach work across Russia; and laboratory animal science meetings in Australia. Further activity is planned for Europe, Latin America, Korea and Japan.

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Author's keywords: InterNICHE, education, replacement, Alternatives Loan System, training

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