Jones-Hall YL, Skelton JM, Adams LG. Implementing Digital Pathology into Veterinary Academics and Research. J Vet Med Educ. 2022 Oct;49(5):547-555

PMID: 34460355


The advantages of digital pathology (DP) have been recognized as early as 1963, but only within the last decade or so have the advancements of slide scanners and viewing software made the use and implementation of DP feasible in the classroom and in research. Several factors must be considered prior to undertaking the project of implementing the DP workflow in any setting, but particularly in an academic environment. Sustained and open dialogue with information technology (IT) is critical to the success of this enterprise. In addition to IT, there is a multitude of criteria to consider when determining the best hardware and software to purchase to support the project. The goals and limitations of the laboratory and the requirements of its users (students, instructors, and researchers) will ultimately direct these decisions. The objectives of this article are to provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with the integration of DP in education and research, to highlight some important IT considerations, and to discuss some of the requirements and functionalities of some hardware and software options.