Hepp-Reymond MC. List of animal tests which are no longer allowed at institutes of higher learning in Zurich. ALTEX. 1997;14(2):61-62

PMID: 11178491


Following a series of intensive discussions, the members of the task-force for animal welfare questions at the institutes of higher learning in Zurich and representatives of Swiss Animal Welfare Organisations agreed on a so called &lquo;negative list&rquo;. Operations and treatments listed therein are not to be performed any longer even if a high gain of scientific knowledge is to be expected. This is in accordance with paragraph 4.6 of the &lquo;Ethical principles and guidelines for scientific animal testing&rquo; of the Swiss Academy of medical Sciences and the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences which states that animal testing is not to be performed if such testing leads to severe suffering of the animals. Furthermore, no animals from anywhere are to be obtained which have undergone operations which are against the spirit of this list. This list is to be revised as needed.