Caloni F, Alberizzi V, Costa A, Loiacono M, Morselli MG, Pasotti A, Cortinovis C. Master students' feedback on 3Rs education approach [abstract]. ALTEX. 2011;28(Special Issue):210. Abstract 507.


Although the implementation of the 3Rs in scientific research and education is fundamental nowadays, few are actively involved in teaching alternatives to animal use in Italy and consequently students taking life science courses are generally "under-exposed" to the 3Rs and related topics. We report here the critical evaluation provided by students after attending the 2010-2011 course "Alternative Methods to Animal Use in Toxicology" within the framework of the Master's Program in Veterinary Biotechnology Sciences at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan. The students found the course to be helpful in terms of gaining a better understanding of the 3Rs and in improving the quality of science through teaching that was inspiring and interesting. The broader overview provided by the course of the current alternative approaches was believed to be of crucial importance to the curricula. The students deemed that rapid development and implementation of alternative approaches in research and testing needed to be supported by familiarity with the techniques, and that practical classes could provide opportunities for the acquisition of skills applicable to a future career characterized by a modern and advanced approach. The course also offered opportunities to interact with research institutes and associations which are directly involved with the 3Rs. Students reported the need to further enrich the didactic material available such as videos, computer programs and specific textbooks. Finally, considering the interdisciplinary nature of the topic and the lack of established standardization, collaboration between teachers of disciplines involving the 3Rs through exchange of content and experiences was considered to be fundamental.

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