Asprea M, Schaiquevich P, Requejo F, Buitrago E, Chantada G. Ophthalmic artery super-selective catheterization of the pig as a training model with possible implications in retinoblastoma treatment [abstract]. ALTEX. 2011;28(Special Issue):214. Abstract 128.


Purpose: To develop a technique for local drug administration in a porcine model with potential translation to retinoblastoma chemotherapy treatment.

Methods: The ophthalmic artery catheterization was carried out in an anesthetized animal under anticoagulation. A 5-French arterial sheath was placed in the femoral artery and a 5-F catheter was guided into the common carotid artery to the maxillary artery. The ophthalmic artery was super-selectively catheterized (OAI) using a microcatheter. Serial angiograms were performed. Chemotherapy (topotecan) was delivered in a pulsatile fashion. The microcatheter was removed and systematic procurement of vitreous and plasma samples started immediately. Two animals were systemically administered (IA) with the same dose of chemotherapy through the external carotid and plasma and vitreous samples were obtained.

Results: The ophthalmic artery of the 4 animals was successfully catheterized by means of the super-selective ophthalmic artery technique. Maximum total topotecan concentration in the vitreous (median, range) after OAI and IA was 131.8 ng/ml (112.9-138.7) and 5.4 ng/ml (4.7-6.1), respectively. Systemic exposure for topotecan was low for both modalities of administration with a median (range) value of 10.6 ng*h/ml (6.8-13.4).

Conclusion: We were able to develop the super-selective ophthalmic artery catheterization in a porcine model. Topotecan was infused using this technique and vitreous drug levels were 24 times higher than those attained after IA infusion of the same dose of chemotherapy. Topotecan systemic exposure was low and comparable between drug administration techniques. These results show the selectivity of the infusion to attain the ocular structures with potential implications in retinoblastoma treatment.

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