Martinsen S and Jukes N. From Policy to Practice: illustrating the viability of full replacement. AATEX 2008;14(Special Issue):249-252


The InterNICHE Policy on the Use of Animals and Alternatives in Education is a comprehensive document in 10 sections that addresses all aspects of work with animals and alternatives in life science education and training. The Policy presents guidelines to ensure effective and fully ethical acquisition of knowledge and skills. It includes a definition of alternatives in education and of harm, and presents individual policies on dissection, the sourcing of animal cadavers and tissue, work with live animals for clinical skills and surgery training, and field studies. As well as addressing non-animal alternatives, therefore, it has a significant focus on the ethical use of, and work with, animals and animal tissue. It also addresses the use of animals for the production of alternatives themselves. The Policy demonstrates the possibilities for full replacement of harmful animal use in education and training. Examples from across the world of practical classes that accord with the Policy will be given. Recommendations will also be made for ethics committees, for university policy towards student choice, and for legislation.

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Author's keywords: InterNICHE, education, training, replacement, Policy

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