Ponce S and Jukes N. Replacement in Mexico: The vision and strategies of the Center for Animal Alternatives in Education (CAAE) program. Poster session presented at: Calling on Science. 7th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences; 2009 Aug 30 - Sept 3; Rome, Italy


The Center for Animal Alternatives in Education (CAAE) program was established in 2008 to facilitate full replacement of harmful animal use at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. Beginning with a survey of over 1700 health science students and an analysis of laboratory manuals and teaching objectives, CAAE has built a platform for discussion and designed a strategy for humane innovation within the university and beyond. In collaboration with InterNICHE, CAAE has provided information and other resources to teachers and students. It hosts the InterNICHE Mexican Alternatives Loan System, a library of software, mannekins and simulators, and has co-organised local and national events. In physiology, workshops have promoted the use of software and self-experimentation apparatus. In veterinary anatomy, the education of teachers has brought about partial replacement, with the remainder to be achieved through the use of software and ethically sourced animal cadavers. A body donation program has been established, with cadavers to be sourced from the university clinic and other veterinary practices. CAAE and InterNICHE also aim to replace the annual use of 2000 dogs in surgery practice in medicine. A surgery alternatives seminar has been organised to provide training for teachers and professionals in Aboud’s Method, which uses perfused cadavers for ‘live’ surgery practice, and to demonstrate the POP-trainer simulation device for laparoscopic surgical skills acquisition. With support from the university administration, a consensus in favour of replacement has been built, and the use of alternatives is increasingly recognised as a tool to enhance education and training.

Author's contacts: alternativasmexico@gmail.com

Author's keywords: animals, education, alternatives, replacement, Mexico