Soler-Silva Á, Sanchís-López A, Sánchez-Guillén L, López-Rodríguez-Arias F, Gómez-Pérez L, Quirós MJA, Sánchez-Ferrer ML, Escoriza JCM, Muñoz-Duyos A, Ramírez JM, Arroyo A. . The Thiel cadaveric model for pelvic floor surgery: Best rated in transferable simulation-based training for postgraduate studies. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2021 Jan;256:165-171

PMID: 33248374


Objective: To determine whether the Thiel cadaveric model is better and more realistic than other surgical simulation techniques for learning pelvic floor and perineal surgical procedures according to the opinions of urogynecologists and surgeons participating in international postgraduate pelvic floor surgery courses using cadavers embalmed by the Thiel method.

Study design: An observational prospective study was performed in urogynecologists and surgeons attending international postgraduate pelvic floor and perineal surgery courses using cadavers embalmed by the Thiel method. A survey was completed by the participants after finishing the course. Based on the answers collected, we analyzed the differences, including in the satisfaction degree and teaching level for each surgical procedure, between different surgical simulation models that the participants had already used and the Thiel simulation method employed.

Results: The students recognized that Thiel cadavers present more similarities to patients than other simulation methods. The Thiel cadaveric method was considered by most responders to be the best for the simulation of surgical procedures on the pelvic floor and perineum. Most of the surgeons surveyed recommended conducting these courses with Thiel cadavers for different colleagues in other specialties as a reliable simulation method for training for difficult surgical procedures.

Conclusions: Participants in the course on pelvic floor surgery in Thiel cadavers recognized that this is the most realistic model for surgical simulation and the best way to gain confidence, self-determination and precise surgical skills for performing pelvic floor and perineal surgery.