Combs CD, Friend K. Tracking the domain: the medical modeling and simulation database. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005; 111:90-3

PMID: 15718706


To foster awareness of the magnitude and breadth of activity and to foster collaboration among the participants, the National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation (NCCMMS) has created the Medical Modeling and Simulation Database (MMSD). The MMSD consists of two web-based, searchable compilations: one, the Research Database, that contains bibliographic information on published articles and abstracts (where available) and a second, the Companies and Projects Database, that maintains contact information for research centers, development and application programs, journals and conferences. NCCMMS is developing the MMSD to increase awareness of the breadth of the medical modeling domain and to provide a means of fostering collaboration and bringing like-minded organizations and researchers into more frequent contact with each other, thus speeding advancement of medical modeling and simulation.