The InterNICHE Alternatives Loan Systems are evolving libraries of multimedia software, models, mannekins and simulators. There is one global Loan System, and other localised libraries in Canada, India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine.

Their contents cover fields such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, clinical skills and surgery. Teachers, students and others from anywhere in the world can borrow items from the Loan Systems to trial them. This gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with some of the best products available.

All items in the Loan Systems have been chosen with reference to meeting teaching objectives for practical classes where animals might still be used harmfully in some university departments, and to shift the emphasis away from the animal lab towards alternative approaches. Many of the products have individually or in combination with other tools and approaches already replaced harmful animal use. It is often teachers who have developed the products themselves in order to better the learning environment for their students.

Products are listed by discipline, then medium, and finally alphabetically. Click here to view the contents of the global Loan System. Note that InterNICHE does not produce or sell these products.


To borrow an item from the global Loan System, please download and complete the Borrower's Agreement Form from here. In this you are asked to provide full contact details, and a reference name and address. The form should be e-mailed to the Loan System manager, Mariana Vieira Crespo. Borrowing periods are usually for up to 6 weeks. Borrowing is free - you just pay the return postage. If the product is damaged or not returned at all, you will be invoiced. Products must not be copied. There are practical limitations on where some items can be sent, and borrowers from the United States and Canada are requested to check their regional organisations’ alternatives libraries first for the same products.

Borrowers from Canada, India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine should click here and contact their local Loan System manager.


Both InterNICHE and the producers would appreciate feedback from teachers and students on the products. This can help with tailoring current products and developing new ones.