Jerry K-9 CPR Mannikin

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

A simplified version of Critical Care Jerry (CCJ), the Jerry mannikin has working lungs and an artificial pulse built to teach mouth-to-snout resuscitation. It can splint, thus allowing students to learn bandaging. Parts can be cleaned and are disposable. Accessories include a carrying case with kneeling pad, brush and 5 disposable lungs. Face shields are sold separately.


Price: US$1,088.00

Note: 1.Additional disposable lungs are available at US$128.00 (packs of 24) or at US$384.00 (packs of 72). Additional removable right femoral leg bone, allowing the student to learn how to set and repair this common K9 fracture are also available at US$259.00. 

K-9 CPR Mannekin "Jerry" K-9 CPR Mannekin "Jerry" (Манекен собаки «Джерри» для СЛР)