SynDaver Torso

Producer: SynDaver™Labs

The SynDaver™ Synthetic Human (SSH) is the most elaborate and sophisticated surgical simulator ever devised. The torso version of the SSH is a synthetic physical representation of human anatomy, including skin with fat and fascia planes, every bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament in the torso, fully articulating joints, a functioning respiratory system including trachea, lungs, and diaphragm, a complete digestive tract from the esophagus to rectum, the urinary tract (kidneys, bladder, and urethra), visceral organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen), reproductive organs, a circulatory system with heart and coronary arteries, aorta, vena cava, and the primary arterial and venous trunks leading to the extremities.

The SSH represents the pinnacle of hands-on surgical simulation, and is made like a 3D jigsaw puzzle: Every muscle, bone, organ, and vascular component is individually removable and replaceable.

The model pumps synthetic blood (pulsed flow away from the heart and drainage toward the heart), is capable of insufflation, and can be intubated and ventilated. Individual tissues of construction have been validated by SynDaver™ Labs over the last decade to mimic the mechanical and physico-chemical properties of the relevant living tissue.

Additional soft tissues included but not shown include full-body fascia, subcutaneous fat, and skin. ALL muscles, bones, organs, and vascular components are separately removable and replaceable to allow onsite servicing and upgrades.

The model may be covered with either the standard SynDaver™ synthetic human (pure wet chemistry) skin or our new organosilicate-synthetic human hybrid (polymer outer - wet inner) skin.

System Components: Torso form with skin, storage container, stainless-steel table, standard battery-powered heart pump, and all required plumbing.

Tested Procedures: Coronary stent placement (through the thigh and wrist) with fluoroscopy, chest tube placement, tracheotomy, cricothyroidotomy, carotid endartarectomy, infusion port placement, central line placement with ultrasound, angioplasty, appendectomy, embolectomy, femoral cutdown with closure device, and hundreds of other procedures.

Imaging Equipment: Compatible with all known imaging equipment including MRI, CT, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.

Surgical Equipment: Compatible with all know surgical devices including lasers, RF ablation, bipolar, monopolar, and harmonic devices.

Included Services: Onsite installation and training, one full year of anatomy and tissue upgrades, and three-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Annual service contracts covering every aspect of the system are also available.

Videos: Final Assembly Heart Pump Check, Engineering TV Story

Docs: SynDaver™ in the Desert, EMS World Magazine, Care and Usage

Competitive Products: Simulab's TraumaMan. 

Options:  One can select sex (Male or Female), ethnicity, bone type, skin type, included equipment, and storage options below. For customization such as pathologies and injuries please call and ask to speak to the of our technical sales representatives. 

Price: $25,000.00 (cat. №Z-SSH-F-0010)

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SynDaver Torso Cutaway view of kidney Chest under fluoroscopy