Floating DVD 2

Producer: BEVA (British Equine Vterinary Association)

Volume 2 in the Seminar for Veterinarians DVD Series builds upon the knowledge and concepts of Volume 1 by presenting an all-encompassing and intuitive floating manual for regular maintenance and advanced floating procedures. From "Sharp Enamel Points" to "Shear Mouth" to "Ventral Curvatures", each procedure is presented in a comprehensive step-by-step process that includes measurement, floating limits, and each stage of tooth removal. Using highly-detailed 3D technology, each sequence is brought to life with close-up, intra-oral views of the floating procedure progressing in real-time from start to finish. These cutting-edge visuals are a must-have edition to any practitioner's library. This is the next level. This is dental education for the 21st century.

Topics/Chapters Include:
Technical Details
Patient Preparation
Dental Examinations
Sedation Protocols
Floating Limits
Regular Maintenance
Procedures Incisor
Malocclusion Procedures
Molar Malocclusion
Procedures Incisor / Molar Cap Removal


Product Type: CD/DVD

Publisher: Digital Equus

Year Published: 15/04/2008

Price: £60.00

Floating DVD 2