Thoracic Aorta

Producer: 3-Dmed

The Thoracic Aorta is a 6” long vessel with 22mm ID and 26mm OD and a 2mm wall thickness. Designed for cannulation and end-to-end anastomosis.


  • Size: 6” long.
  • Dimensions: 22 mm ID, 26 mm OD.
  • Wall Thickness: 2 mm.
  • High Fidelity: Hydrogel material retains moisture content similar to live tissue.
  • Product holds sutures like real tissue.
  • Non-toxic, non-latex, oil-free, odor-free, re-usable, packed in water.
  • No disposal mandates.
  • More affordable and attainable than a live pig lab or human cadaver.
  • No Refrigeration Required.
  • Use at Home or Lab Long shelf life.

Price: $36.00 – $684.00 (Available individually, in 10 packs, and 20 packs).

Thoracic Aorta Thoracic Aorta