Vertebrate Dissection Models Bundle

Producer: Getting Nerdy Science

This is a GROWING bundle to be completed by the Spring 2018 which will include the following Dissection Models:

• PIG (Complete)

• FROG (Complete)

• CAT (Complete)

• RAT (Complete)

• SHARK (Complete)

• PERCH - COMING SOON (anticipated price is $17.95)

• BIRD - COMING SOON (anticipated price is $17.95)

• SNAKE - COMING SOON (anticipated price is $17.95)

**Due to the varying complexity of organisms in this bundle a definitive due date cannot be given at this time. Please note that this is a continuous work in progress and that items will be uploaded as they are completed.**

Students will create 3-D PAPER MODELS that they can use for dissection-free explorations, pre-dissection study tools, or even as summative assessments for comparative anatomy lessons. Students will learn the internal anatomy (and external anatomy where appropriate) of each organism, including the location, structure and function of each organ.

EACH MODEL in this bundle includes:

• PowerPoint slides complete with bell work, instructions, and answer key to handouts

• Student PDF with graphic organizer and friendly reading detailing the structures and functions of identified organs

• 3-D paper model that mimics the organism during dissection!

What students will do:

• Use the PowerPoint to color in their graphic organizer and organs

• Use the provided reading about the organism's anatomy and their prior knowledge to determine the function of the organs.

• Cut out the organism and its organs

• Glue the model together using the directions in the PowerPoint

• Use the table and the model to learn about anatomy

**Teaching duration varies with each organism, typically 3-7 days each**

Price: 85.95$.