HoloAnatomy Software

Producer: Case Western Reserve University

HoloAnatomy® Software Suite* was developed in collaboration with experienced anatomy faculty, our software gives students 3D perspectives of every part of the body – offering views impossible through any other means.

Through the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite instructors can lay out anatomical content in the manner they wish to present the subject. Maintaining the instructor as the expert, HoloAnatomy® Software allows them to:

  • Customize the shared view with thousands of detailed illustrations including the entire cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, thorax, heart in isolation, or any combination of anatomical structures.
  • Include side-by-side comparisons of the male and female anatomy.
  • Activate automatic labels or create custom labels and highlight particular objects to call attention to detail.
  • Decide whether the body is presented in the erect, prone, or supine position
  • Display the body at a human scale (100%) or large scale (200%) helping students to observe small structures.
  • Design 3-D "slideshows" and "publish" in seconds to large groups of students, so they can explore the content together in class.
  • Lead their own curriculum in-person or remotely.

Space & Technology Requirements listed here: https://case.edu/holoanatomy/why-holoanatomyr/space-technology-requirements.

Price: Contact Nancy Farrow, Director of Global Sales at holoanatomy@case.edu or 216-408-0500.


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