Frog Development Set

Producer: Carolina Biological Supply Company

This is a set of Bobbitt models comprising the 5 models from the Frog Cleavage Set, the 10 models from the Frog Early Neural Tube Set, and 5 additional models showing early larval development. The Frog Cleavage Set shows development from fertilisation to cleavage; the egg is shown in hemisection shortly after sperm entrance; the other models represent 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-cell stages, and all are approximately 5" in diameter. The Frog Early Neural Tube Set traces development from blastula formation to neural tube formation; each is shown in hemisection, the germ layers are decorated with standard embryological colours, and each model is mounted on a base. Manuals are included.


Medium: Model
Price: $380.00 (Frog Cleavage Set - catalogue ref. WW-56-3028); US$600.00 (Frog Early Neural Tube Set - catalogue ref. WW-56-3029); US$1,625.00 (Frog Development Set - WW-56-3040); see website for country distributors