Producer: Organis GmbH

TestChest provides a break-through in training by realistically simulating pulmonary mechanics, gas exchange and hemodynamic response in health and disease, from normal spontaneous breathing to mechanically ventilated severely diseased lungs.

TestChest combines the simplicity of a physical model with the sophistication of advanced mathematical modeling to provide - reproducibly and predictably - the feeling of a real patient´s condition on mechanical ventilation.

The consequences of adverse events such as disconnection of tubes, sensors, and monitors can be simulated but without threatening the lives of the attached subject.

TestChest fits on any bed and is fully self-contained. TestChest is program-able and can be remotely operated to simulate in an unprecedented way the evolution of diseases as well as the recovery process.

Thus, TestChest is the key to modern learning concepts like Problem Based Learning and Student Activated Learning.

TestChest is a simulator for passive or active ventilation. ARDS and COPD can be set. S-shaped pressure-volume curve creates realistic response to different forms of ventilatory support.

Artificial “finger” simulating oxygen saturation curves provides access for conventional pulse oximeters. Pulse amplitude can be made to vary according to different states of intravascular filling such as normo- or hypovolemia.

An unlimited number of patient cases can be programmed for test and educational purposes. Supports Problem Based Learning and Student Activated Learning.

Main features:

  • Realistic patient simulator, programable for ALI, ARDS, COPD etc.
  •  Fully self-contained, ideal for high intensity learning
  •  Includes spontaneous breathing and CO2 production
  •  Responds realistically to therapeutic interventions such as pressure support, PEEP, CPAP, FiO2, and even recruitment maneuvers
  •  Optional hemodynamics module provides information on oxygen saturation, heart rate and intravascular filling status.



Medium: Simulator

Price: On request from the regional distributors (see website)