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Keep thinking, keep learning

Can you defend your position? Can we defend ours? Discuss the issues with friends and colleagues, challenge each other - and challenge us. Try out some alternatives and give a critical assessment. Tell others about InterNICHE, join the discussion list and participate.

Distributing information

Whether you are a teacher or a student, if you can help with distributing leaflets and other resources, please contact us. Try to get these resources in university libraries, to ethics committees and government officials. You could also organise a video event or debate, a demonstration of alternatives, or get some media coverage. Contact us for an InterNICHE speaker, or to help organise an outreach tour for your country.


The global village has many diverse cultures and languages. We aim to have this website and our other resources translated into as many languages as possible. If you or a colleague can help with quality translation, please let us know.

New products

If you are a company or a teacher who has produced an alternative, please contact us in case we don't already know of your product. We may be able to promote it.

Gathering information

It is nearly impossible to keep up with the rapid changes in life science education in universities across the world, so information you can offer or find out regarding alternatives and animal use in your department or region is gratefully received.

Get more involved

We can provide some guidance if you would like to get more involved nationally or internationally in the movement for humane education and ethical science.


We very much appreciate donations and legacies to enable us to continue and expand our humane education work. Funds can be also be targeted at specific projects or geographical regions. To donate, click on the button right. Many thanks.