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Contents for international Alternatives Loan System:




Anatomy Revealed (Medical College of Ohio)
Digital anatomy of the human face.

The Cell is a City (Neotek)
Real image virtual reality microscopic anatomy.

The Digital Frog 2.5 (Digital Frog International) H
Dissection and ecology of the Frog. 

Virtual dissections, interactive 2D dissection, a non-interactive 2D dissection video, 3D pictures, and 3D quizzes, comes with 3D glasses 

Equad (University of Zurich)
deals with the most common upper respiratory tract diseases in horses such as Laryngeal Hemiplegia, Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate or Epiglottic Entrapment. Presents etiology, pathophysiology and the currently performed diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Microscopic Anatomy (Gold Standard Multimedia)
Interactive cellular anatomy tutorial covering all systems of the body. The program contains more than 1,200 digitised histological slides and electron micrographs and over 1,750 multiple choice test questions.

Model, mannekins and simulators

Rat Model (Ward’s Natural Science)
Features a number of detailed structures including a foetus in a partially dissected uterus and a sectioned kidney. Includes a key identifying over 50 structures.

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Biochemical Simulations: Computer simulation of laboratory exercises (Dr David Bender, University College London)
Enzyme assay, urea synthesis, peptide sequence, oxygen electrode, and radio-immunoassay.

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Glass Horse Elements of the Distal Limb (University of Georgia)
Moving three-dimensional colored visualizations offer understanding of equine anatomy and how anatomy relates to function and disease. For student courses as well as demonstrations on conferences.

Glass Horse Equine Colic (University of Georgia)
A comprehensive exploration of the equine abdominal anatomy, the veterinarian's approach to diagnosis, and detailed 3-D animations depicting more than 25 different diseases. Interactivity and self-assessment features are strong components of this program.

P.O.P. (Pulsating Organ Perfusion) Trainer Demo CD-ROM (Optimist)
Demonstrating minimally invasive surgery simulation using waste organs. The trainer is also available.

Practical Animal Handling - 1. Small Mammals (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
Movies featuring expert veterinary staff demonstrating the correct procedures for handling small mammals for clinical examination and medication.

Surgical Skills vol. 1 and 2 (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
Movies illustrating basic surgical techniques - handling instruments and suturing, scrubbing, gowning and gloving.

Models, mannekins and simulators

Banfield Suture Pad (Banfield)
Practice a suture pattern, cut suture with suture scissors, remove suture, repeat.

Canine Foreleg Vascular access model (UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine)
Mannekin for training catheterisation and blood collection.

Critical Care Fluffy (Rescue Critters)
Full size Cat mannekin for intubation, CPR, IV practice, etc.

The Dog Abdominal Surrogate for Instuctional Exercises, for psychomotor training in the basics of aseptic technique, instrument and tissue handling, and suture patterns encountered in surgical cases

Double Layer Bowel (Limbs and Things)
Learning and practicing anastomosis techniques

Extended ACF Pad - Venepuncture (Limbs and Things)
A soft tissue pad which represents the antecubital fossa of the right arm, for use in venepuncture and the introduction of cannulae.

Female K-9 Urinary Catheter Training Mannekin (Rescue Critters)
Female canine mannekin for training urinary catheterisation.

Gall Bladder with normal anatomy(Limbs and Things)
Highly realistic model for structured and staged training on gall bladder removal.

Hollow organ simulator (Dr D Smeak, Surgical Simulators)
A collapsible, hollow laminated mould of the canine stomach to practice surgical skills at home or in class.

Injection Trainer (Limbs and Things)
Multi-layered soft tissue pad for the practice of intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular tissue injection techniques.

Jerry K-9 CPR mannekin (Rescue Critters)
Canine mannekin for training compressions, resuscitation, pulse, splinting and bandaging.

K-9 Intubation Trainer (Rescue Critters)
Canine head mannekin for training endotracheal placement.

Koken Rat (Koken Co.)
Rat model for training IV and intubation.

Life/form Suture Practice Arm (Nasco, Inc.)
Made with a soft vinyl skin over a core of stitchable foam to provide a life-like suturing experience for students or a realistic suturing demonstration by an instructor. Realistic skin texture with wrinkles, pores, and visible fingerprints.

MD-PVC Rat Model (Microsurgical Developments)
For microsurgical techniques like interrupted and running sutures, anastomoses, cannulation of portal, renal and jugular veins, making portacaval shunts (button and suture technique) and transplantation of blood vessels, kidney, heart and liver.

P.O.P. (Pulsating Organ Perfusion) Trainer (Optimist)
Minimally invasive surgery simulation using waste organs.

Sapheno Femoral Junction Ligation Technique Trainer (Limbs and Things)
Realistic representation of the right hand side groin region for teaching and practicing the skills needed for ligating the sapheno femoral junction.

Skin and suture pattern simulator (Ohio State University Veterinary College)
Simulator for training basic surgical skills.

Squeekums (Rescue Critters)
An animal training alternative to learn how to handle a rodent with safety and confidence. The tail has IV access at the caudal  vein site. Ear sets are replaceable for training ear training procedures.

Suture Training Arm (Rescue Critters)
Model for internal & external suture training.

Suture patch (Rescue Critters)
The suture patch, designed for external sutures, mimics the turger and resistance of real skin. For repeatable practice this surface can be cut in as many places as desired.

Wound closure pad small (Limbs and Things)
A low cost pad, ideal for demonstrating training and practicing core skills associated with wound closure.

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Cat Nictitating Membrane (Sheffield BioSciences)
Pharmacology of ganglionic transmission and sympathetically innervated smooth muscle.

Langendorff Heart (Sheffield BioSciences)
Experiments on isolated perfused mammalian heart.

Microlabsfor Pharmacologists (Dr Henk van Wilgenburg, University of Amsterdam)
Wide ranging pharmacology lab experiments and background.

Neuromuscular Pharmacology (Sheffield BioSciences)
Illustrating the actioLife/form Suture Practice Armn of blocking agents on cat sciatic nerve-tibialis anterior muscle.

The Pharmacology of Inflammation (Sheffield BioSciences)
The effects of agents on the cutaneous inflammatory response in the anaesthetised rabbit.

Strathclyde Pharmacology Simulations (University of Strathclyde)
Contains a suite of programs simulating pharmacological experiments on isolated tissues or whole animals. The Virtual Cat. The Virtual Rat. The Virtual Twitch (Nerve-Muscle Preparation).The Virtual NMJ (Neuromuscular Junction Electrophysiology). Free download.

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BioPac Student Lab demo CD-ROMs (BioPac Systems)
2 CD-ROMs demonstrating the Student Laboratory System for physiology self-experimentation.

Cardiovascular System / Autonomic Nervous System Tutor v3.0 (Univ of Aston, PCCAL)
The effects of the autonomic nerves and transmitters on an animal's cardiovascular system.

cLabs Neuron v1.05 Beta (Hans A. Braun, University of Marburg)
Demonstrates the interrelationship between ion channel dynamics and membrane currents and voltages.

Experiments in Human Neuro Muscular Physiology v2.0 (Univ of Aston, PCCAL)
The apparatus and experimental techniques to examine resting potential, action potential and nerve conduction.

Frog Gastrocnemius muscle / sciatic nerve preparation v3.0 (Welsh School of Pharmacy, PCCAL)
Classical experiments illustrating nerve conduction and skeletal muscle contraction.

Frog Heart (Sheffield BioSciences)
Various experiments on the frog heart.

Hemodynamics Simulator 2002 (Anesoft)
Reviews cardiovascular physiology, invasive monitoring, and vasoactive infusions.

Interactive Physiology (A.D.A.M., Inc.)
A series of interactive CD–ROM modules - one CD–ROM per body system with detailed graphics, animation, sound, video, and engaging quizzes. Contains 7 modules: Cardiovascular; Muscular; Respiratory; Urinary; Nervous (I & II); Fluids & electrolytes, plus additional Anatomy Practice and Instructor’s Guide.

Intestinal Absorption (Sheffield BioSciences)
Nutrient transport experiments on the rat small intestine.

Muscle Physiology (Sheffield BioSciences)
Frog nerve-muscle experiments to investigate physiology of skeletal muscle.

Nerve Physiology (Sheffield BioSciences)
Isolated frog sciatic nerve experiments to illustrate properties of mixed nerves.

PhysioEx 8.0 - Laboratory Simulations in Physiology (Benjamin Cummings)
Simulation-based experiments and a histology tutorial.

SimHeart (Thieme Medical Publishers)
Virtual laboratory for investigating cardiac contractions.

SimMuscle (Thieme Medical Publishers)
Virtual laboratory for investigating mechanisms of the striated musculature.

SimNerv (Thieme Medical Publishers)
Virtual laboratory for investigating the fundamentals of nerve stimulation.

SimVessel(Thieme Medical Publishers)
Virtual laboratory for investigating the pharmacology and physiology of smooth musculature.

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BioLab Fly (Pierian Spring) H
Virtual genetics lab investigating the heredity of physical traits in the fruit fly (Mac)

Invertebrates Zoology: Multimedia Lab Assistant (Tangent Scientific)
Stills, animations and video clips for 10 major phyla.

Sniffy the Virtual Rat (Wadsworth)
Operant and classical conditioning of the Rat.

Stimulus Response (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) H
Behavioural responses in farm animals.

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Key: H refers to an alternative that is primarily for secondary (high school) level