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InterNICHE is an open and diverse network comprising students, teachers and animal campaigners. The network focuses on animal use and alternatives within biological science, medical and veterinary medical education.

There is no membership, but free association around the issue of progressive, humane life science education. InterNICHE works in partnership with any individual, group or department that shares the common goals of replacement of harmful animal use and investment in high quality ethical science.

InterNICHE began in 1988 as EuroNICHE, and transformed in 2000 to a global network. Decision-making for international issues and project work is democratic and by consensus, usually resting with a Committee of national contacts. Activity is performed by the Co-ordinator at the international level, and by national contacts within their countries. A Core Group supports the Co-ordinator in guiding and maintaining the network.

Amongst many national and international projects, InterNICHE has produced an award-winning video on alternatives, where teachers from a variety of disciplines demonstrate the alternatives that they use in their courses. This is now available in nearly 20 languages.

The 2nd edition of 'from Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse' is a book which fully describes over 500 products designed for progressive life science education. It also addresses teaching objectives in detail and assesses different pedagogical approaches.

The network also offers a number of Alternatives Loan Systems across the world - libraries of products available for free loan, as well as literature, support and advice for teachers and students. And at regular InterNICHE conferences, seminars and training you can hear leading international speakers, trial alternatives, and meet others interested or involved in curricular transformation and innovation.

InterNICHE is a non-profit organisation which relies on donations and grants for its activity.