1 March 2008
Alternatives across Latin America: Catalysing change in the curriculum

News about this year’s ambitious series of alternatives seminars and initiatives to replace animal experiments.

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11 January 2008
New alternatives text now available in 100 languages

A new introductory text on alternatives to animal experiments in education and training (1) is launched today by InterNICHE in over 100 world languages, including Braille (2).

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11 December 2007
InterNICHE announces new international Partners

InterNICHE today announces 16 new international Partners, all involved in major collaborative projects in humane education and alternatives.

The new role of InterNICHE Partner has been developed to bring more individuals, organisations and institutes into close collaboration with InterNICHE and to recognise existing joint activity.

The 14 organisations and 2 individuals accepted for the 2007-2008 academic year are:

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1 November 2007
3000 animals replaced in Gujarat, India

The annual use of over 3000 animals has been replaced with alternatives at a higher education institute in the Indian state of Gujarat. InterNICHE Partners the Gujarat Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) confirmed this week that Bhavnager University has agreed to end the use of over 3000 mice, rats and rabbits for dissections and severe experiments in pharmacology, biochemistry, zoology and health science education.

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