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You can now make a quick and easy on-line donation to InterNICHE, direct through e-mail. The donation facility that we have set up uses Paypal, which debits your bank account or credit/debit card securely. You can donate in any of 6 world currencies, and you don't even need to be registered with Paypal to make the donation.

If you appreciate the resources provided by InterNICHE, or want to support our projects, then your contribution - however small - is extremely valuable. We work directly with teachers to directly replace harmful animal use and implement alternatives, and with students to support their right to a high quality humane education. And we have voluntary campaigners right across the world for whom every donation helps. Many of the resources we develop for such practical action are freely available or provided at cost price, thanks to your donations. For more on-line information about our work, check out the home page, resources or InterNICHE achievements, or contact us directly.

To donate, please click on the button on the right. Many thanks.