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New international alliances for alternatives in education and training have been built by InterNICHE, which announces a new National Contact and 3 new international Partners. All are involved in major collaborative projects for humane education and alternatives:

  • Dmitry Leporsky, new National Contact and Committee Member for the Ukraine
  • Educação Humanitária, new Partner organisation in Brazil
  • The Center for Animal Alternatives in Education (CAAE), new Partner organisation in Mexico
  • Animalia, new Partner organisation in Finland

InterNICHE has active National Contacts in a wide range of countries, and continues to collaborate with many other individuals, organisations and institutes.

The role of InterNICHE Partner has been developed to bring more individuals, organisations and institutes into close collaboration with InterNICHE and to recognise existing joint activity. Examples of the collaborative projects for Partners include national level information gathering and networking, distribution of resources, co-organisation of outreach and training, co-management of alternatives distribution projects, and translation of major alternatives texts.

The acceptance of the new Partners will positively impact on the implementation of alternatives both nationally and internationally. The new countries represented reflect the growth of humane education activity across the world and the potential of alliances that benefit all parties.
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