Resection-Trainer (Typ LS 10)

Producer: Samed GmbH

The workplace for resection is the ideal tool for learning and practicing a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic tasks:


  • Monopolare electroresection
  • Bipolare electroresection
  • Electrovaporisation
  • Side-fiber laser vaporisation
  • Bare-fiber laser vaporisation

The Resection-Trainer be used in conjunction with all resectoscopes. A special feature constitutes the training substrates offered by Samed GmbH Dresden. The storable training substrates provide a practical resection with only minor differences to resect the patient.

The concept of the Resection-Trainers pursues four objectives:

  • Learning the instrument handling and evaluation / assessment of the visual field
  • Learning and training of resection methodology
  • Learning and optimization of methods-dependent instrument irrigation
  • Learning and training of special resection techniques conditioned by anatomy
Resection-Trainer (Typ LS 10)