EndoUro-Trainer (Typ LS 50)

Producer: Samed GmbH

The current complexity of Endourology, time management and high standards of quality set high demands on the skill of the treating physicians. Effective training is and will be essential in the future to meet these requirements.

The Endouro coach enables it a realistic learning, training and presenting a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic tasks in the field of kidney-ureter-bladder. He represents a compact solution for teaching and education purposes

Along with the equipment rack (LST-EU), the system combines all the necessary components to enable an effective and sustainable training.

Following applications possibilities are realisable:

  • The endoscopy of the whole urinary tract (bladder, ureter, renal pelvis and calyceal) with rigid and flexible instruments
  • Finding of stenosis, tumor structures and Steinkonkrementen
  • To dilate with a bougie of stenoses
  • Stone removal with wire basket and grasping forceps etc.
  • Stonefragmentation / removal with the different methods
  • Insert a guide wire and a sluice
  • Insert and remove a catheter and a splint

The training device on which no doctor comes over before the first operation. The integrated components bladder, ureters, kidneys, renal pelvis, and calyces simulate a realistic anatomical environment.

EndoUro-Trainer (Typ LS 50) EndoUro-Trainer (Typ LS 50)