PCNL-Trainer (Typ LS40)

Producer: Samed GmbH

This training device is specially designed for percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and allows a safe and realistic learning this method of therapy in urology.

The system simulates a patient in the prone position and includes the appropriate body cut for engagement. An ultrasound permeable block of work with an embedded, highly flexible kidney duct system and the overlying tissue layers enables you to perform all necessary single steps up to the endoscopic removal of kidney stones.

The PCNL trainer provides the unique ability to learn all the necessary steps to train and practice. Locating (with U.S., X), puncturing, dilating with a bougie and stonefragmentation with different techniques can be realized with the LS 40.

Due to the soft and flexible materials, the puncture of the kidney duct system and the subsequent dilation of the puncture channel are possible. An external access to the renal pelvis allows the insertion of a catheter.

The damaged by repeated dilation histoid imitation can be replaced by a smaller labor input at any time. Thereby costs and an increased efford can be reduced.

If a camera system needs, provides a complete system consisting of equipment rack, monitor, CVU (Control and Video Unit) and camera the ideal solution for training success.

The camera is here placed on the appropriate endoscope. Is the use of your own camera system provided, can be used here the proven basis-support of the company Samed GmbH as a work table.

PCNL-Trainer (Typ LS40) PCNL-Trainer (Typ LS40)