Neotek Base System and Glasses

Producer: NEOTEK

The NEOTEK Base System is your passport to the world of virtual reality and is required to run the growing library of virtual reality modules available. It uses your Windows PC, and installation is a snap! Simply pop the video processor between your computer and monitor and plug in all your Liquid Crystal glasses. 

The Base System includes:

  • Video Processor. 
  • 1 Pair of Liquid Crystal Glasses. 
  • Sampler CD with excerpts from some of the most popular NEOTEK modules. 
  • User Manual and Installation Guide. 

System Requirements: Windows PC and 120Hz capable display with VGA inputs.

Note that this includes all CRT monitors, some LCD flat panel monitors and some projectors.

Price: Base system-$345, extra liquid crystal glasses-$115 (10 Pair LabPak: $950), wireless glasses package (infra-red transmitter +glasses) - $595 (10 Pair LabPak: $1990).

Base System Extra Liquid Crystal Glasses Wireless Upgrade Kit