Paramecium Model

Producer: Marcus Sommer Somso Modelle

Enlarged approximately 1,600x, in ‘SOMSO-Plast’, this model shows the cell inventory of a protozoa: macro- and micronucleus, contractile vacuoles, cytostome with membranellae, myonemes and food vacuoles, and the formation of the endo- and ectoplasm and the network of neuronemes. A detailed block shows the structure of the pellicle of the ectoplasm, and the position and order of the trichocysts and a range of cilia in typical order. Separates into 2 parts, on a stand with base and explanatory notes. H61 cm, W39 cm, D26 cm, Wt 2.7 kg.



Medium: Model
Price: On request, from regional distributors