Rat Training Simulator

Producer: BIOSEB Lab Instruments

BIOSEB follows and offers for many years alternatives to the use of live animals for training in surgical procedures or in an academic and applied work.

  • Our rat training model is a purposely designed training aid to provide the skills required for humane and ethical handling and procedural competencies, without the need to use a live animal.
  • It allows to avoid stress to both animal and handler.
  • This rat model is British made using a material that does not include latex, but gives a unique sensitivity of a living specimen.

Price: €1,442.00


This model is ideal for both veterinary and biomedical establishments and has several unique features such as:
• Realistic dermatological skin suitable for:
- Injection by most conventional routes
- Micro-chipping identification
- Handling and restraint (including the ability to scruff if required)
- The deliberate absence of fur enables this model to be cleaned and sanitised with an appropriate chemical sterilant
• Head and spinal movement, including rear limbs:
- Suitable for oral administration
- Lateral and ventral head movement
- Hard palate with incisors
• Realistic removable tail with two lateral tail veins ideal for:
- Blood sampling
- Intravenous administration
- Insertion of a flexible catheter (Angiocath)
- Tail has a self sealing material hence long life span
- Additional tail can be purchased separately
- Artificial realistic non-toxic blood available
- Internal reservoir to hold artificial blood or remain empty to contain intravenous administration of saline
• Realistic features such as:
- Eyes
- Whiskers
- Pink extremities
- Fore and rear limbs
- Anus and rectum with limited aperture for thermoregulation monitoring i.e. clinical or digital thermometer

Artificial realistic blood is available for purchase. The use of other chemical solution may be damaging to the tails materials. The rat contains an internal reservoir to hold artificial blood or remain empty to contain intravenous administration of saline.

The rat's tail consists of an outer realistic tail skin with two lateral tail veins. A needle can be placed into the tail up to 200 times before it would need replacing.

Rat Training Simulator