The Genesis of Monsters

Producer: SFRS (Service du Film de Recherche Scientifique)

This video demonstrates that the large number of malformations seen spontaneously in humans and domestic animals can be reproduced in a bird embryo if one intervenes at an early stage, using precise experimental techniques. The similarity is striking and gives an explanation to the genesis of most malformations.


Language: French
Year of production: 1974
Format: VHS PAL, SECAM, NTSC. Also available on CD-ROM (see under Software)
Running time: 29 mins.
Price: Individual use: €15.00 (Europe), €30.00 (rest of the world); Institutional use: €30.00 (Europe), €45.00 (rest of the world); the NTSC format is available at an additional cost of €15.00
Note: The original title of this program is La Genèse des monstres