Hatching Patterns in Cephalopods

Producer: SFRS (Service du Film de Recherche Scientifique)

This film demonstrates that as well as the action exerted by the enzymatic hatching gland of cephalopod embryos, the mechanical action performed by them plays an important role in the process of hatching. An analysis of anatomical characteristics and behaviour of embryos (according to families and genres) in relation to the resistance conferred by their egg membranes is presented. Hatching in the octopus, cuttlefish, lesser cuttlefish and Mediterranean squid (Octopus vulgaris, Rossin macrosoma, Sepiola, Sepia officinalis and orbignyana, Loligo vulgaris and Alloteuthis). Media include real and underwater views, and macrocinematography.


Language: French
Year of production: 1987
Format: VHS PAL, SECAM, NTSC. Also available on CD-ROM (see under Software)
Running time: 16 mins.
Price: Individual use: €15.00 (Europe), €30.00 (rest of the world); Institutional use: €30.00 (Europe), €45.00 (rest of the world); the NTSC format is available at an additional cost of €15.00
Note: The original title of this program is Modes d’éclosion chez les céphalopodes