Touch and Temperature Senses - Microneurographic Studies in Humans

Producer: IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH

** This item is archived as it is no longer available. It is detailed here for reference purposes only **

The film begins by showing the topography of the superficial branch of the radical nerve. By means off particular electrophysiological methods the action potenstial of single skin neves can be recorded in conscious human subjects (microneurography). The experimental procedure for recording of the activity of specific mechanoreceptive and thermoreceptive skin afferents is shown andd the corresponding eletronic stimulators for the quantitative mechanical and thermal stimulation of the skin were demonstrated. The rresonse properties of slowly- and rapidly adaopting mechanoreceptors when stimulated by rectangular-, ramp-, ram- and sinusoidal mechanical stimuli were shown by means of original records and animated drawings. Furtchermore, the respones of specific warm and cold receptors when changing the skin temperature were shown.


Language: German Year of production: 1983 Format: DVD-Video Running time: 18 mins. Price: €24.90