BSS Day 1 Kit

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

The BSS Training Package splits into three parts to reflect the three day BSS course structure:

- Day 1 Kit
- Day 2 Kit Part No 50053

As well as the advantages of using synthetic soft tissue there are other benefits:
Each Day Kit contains all the task trainers and consumables required for 1 trainee. Simply open the box, remove the task trainer and place it in front of the trainee. There is no preparation required.
Once the Day Kits have been used Refill Packs can be ordered. Each Refill Pack contains all the consumable items that a trainee will need for that day. Each item can be quickly and easily attached to the task trainer with minimal preparation time.
2 types of laparoscopic trainer are suggested to offer maximum flexibility for your training environment.


- one-handed reef knot

- instrument tie
- surgeon's knot
- tying at depth
Suturing techniques:
- holding/manipulation of needles
- interrupted
- continuous
- subcuticular
- clip tie
- continuity tie
- pedicle transfixion
Tissue handling - bowel:
- end-to-end interrupted sutures
 - end-to-end continuous sutures


Package Contents:

  • 1 BSS Knot Tying Trainer 50050
  • 1 BSS Surgical Skills Board 50051
  • 1 Skin Pad Jig MK2 00500
  • 1 BSS Soft Tissue Retaining Set 50054
  • 1 Skin Pad
  • 1 Hemostasis Pad
  • 1 Bowel

Replacement Parts:

  • BSS Day 1 Refill Pack (Part 50057)

Price: $235.00 (Part 50052)

BSS Day 1 Kit