Human Anatomy and Physiology

Producer: Recording Studio "Cvart"

The series of 4 DVDs on Human Anatomy and Physiology" covers following topics:

DVD №1:
• nervous system, movement, blood, blood circulation, vascular system, breathing ,digestion, reproduction, reproduction and development.

Duration: 1h. 45 min.

DVD №2:
• skin, sensory systems, behavior (higher nervous activity).

Duration: 1h. 36 min.

DVD №3:
• neuron, its functions; about the cell. How potential difference allows to realize many relevant processes.

Duration: 1h. 05 min.

DVD №4:
• how man moves; biorhythms; stress, its positive and negative influence on living creatures, immune barrier.

Duration: 1h. 20 min.

Year of production: 1980

Language: Russian

Price: DVD №1 - 270 Rub, DVD №2 - 270 Rub, DVD №3 - 240 Rub, DVD №4 - 240 Rub.

Human Anatomy and Physiology