Local Anaesthesia Pad

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

This pad represents the top layer of the skin structure, with printed skin lesions of varying sizes. Only representations of the lesions are necessary as no actual surgical excisions are carried out on this pad.


  • Superficial local anesthesia techniques:

         -fan shaped


         -needle placement

         -fluid infiltration


  • Warm to the touch with realistic needle response
  • Mirror markings of the skin lesions on the underside of the pad allow the accuracy and effectiveness of the infiltration to be checked
  • Pad is washable using soap and water
  • Use with Skin Pad Jig Mk 2 00500
  • Use with Mock Injectate 00230
  • Pad dimensions: 145mm x 125mm

Package Contents:

  • 3 Local anesthesia Pads

Price: $50.00 (Part 00082)

Local Anaesthesia Pad (Pack of 3)