Gunshot Wound to Leg

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

Federal, Military & Civilian EMS agencies use mass casualty scenarios, focusing on the triage, treatment and transport of patients. The Techline Trauma Wound Kits represent the most realistic and durable wound simulations available, and will will help to prepare the trainees for the injuries & decisions they will face in the field.


  • The skin is pliable and backed by a tear resistant material
  • The colors of the wounds themselves are not painted on the surface of the material. The material itself is dyed, so the color is permanent
  • The same materials have survived testing in the harshest environments for over 10 years
  • The wounds are anchored in place with 10,000 tear hook and loop fasteners and cross stitched for durability
  • The wound kits are provided with blood bags and reservoirs for bleeding effects
  • Bleeding can be stopped by application of tourniquet

Price: $340.00 (Part TTM010)

Gunshot Wound to Leg Gunshot Wound to Leg