LapTrainer Skills Set #1

Producer: Simulab Corporation

This skills set includes four standardized exercises ranging from basic to more advanced in laparoscopic skill development. Perfect for use with the LapTrainer with SimuVision (LTS-40).

Skill Development:

  • Laparoscopic coordination, technique, and precision

Features and Benefits:

  • The Pegboard develops eye-hand coordination and ambidexterity by requiring the user to lift each disk, transfer between hands and place disks on a designated peg
  • The Key Trainer develops 3D to 2D orientation skills, ambidexterity, and working through unnatural wrist rotations
  • The Tissue Suture Pad develops skills required for needle transferring, placement of a suture, and knot tying
  • The Multi-Purpose Pad which comes with a simulated intestine, allows the user to secure any soft tissue model in place using four corner mounted clips, and practice advanced suturing and immobilizing tissue skills

Product Components:

  • One pegboard
  • One key trainer (SKT-10)
  • Two tissue suture pads (TSP-10)
  • One multi-purpose pad with bowel section (LGI-10)
  • Carrying case


  • Size: 13" h; 13" w; 4.5" d (carrying case)
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Price: $225.00 (catalogue ref. LTSSI-10)

LapTrainer Skills Set #1